About Topline Plaster Products

Topline Plaster Products Pty Ltd is a company that offers a wide range of cornice made from high quality gypsym and glassfibre. We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled quality and design selection.

Designs range from classic styles to very modern designs; all of which are popular and in demand. With our in-house design service, we are able to custom design to our customer’s requirements.

Our finely tuned manufacturing process allows us to provide “export quality cornice both locally and internationally. Our ability to meet large project orders without compromising quality gives our company a distinct advantage.

Whether you are a local or international customer for decorative cornice, we can design, manufacture and deliver promptly.

We also can supply other products to compliment our cornices:

- Roses
- Strapping
- Domes
- Columns
- Vents
- Panels
- Custom made products

Copyright © 2008 Topline Cornice  
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