Display Showroom Locations

The Topline Cornice range can be viewed at the following locations:


Ballarat Plasta Masta
809 Howitt Street Wendouree VIC 3355
P. +61 3 5339 6700

Melbourne Plaster Supplies
16-18 Enterprise Avenue Berwick VIC 3806
P. +61 3 9707 4522

BGC Paperboard Trade Centre - Monash
2069 Princess Highway Clayton VIC 3168
P. +61 3 9544 4224

F.C. Walker & Sons
98 West Fyans Street Newtown VIC 3220
P. +61 3 5222 1255

1 Hawthorn Ave
North Sunshine 3020
Tel: (03) 9311 8120
Fax: (03) 9311 7678
Mob: Michael 0425 883 642
Email: sales@toplinecornice.com
Plaster Perfection
428 Hobart Road Youngtown TAS 7249
P. +61 3 6344 9341
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